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Coronovirus / COVID-19 and Pain Management Availability

You have been seeing your pain doctor monthly to get medications and get different injections to treat your pain.  Suddenly, your pain doctor is not available to see you personally in the office.  What can you do now?

Mar 22nd, 2020
Prolotherapy: Repair damaged tendons, ligaments and joints

In recent years, there has been much excitement about the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies derived from bone marrow to treat torn ligaments and tendons and joint pain especially in professional athletes. 

Mar 6th, 2020
My shoulder hurts, now what?

You can’t truly appreciate how important our shoulders are until one of them starts to hurt. Activities as simple as brushing your teeth or hair becomes very difficult. And don’t even try reaching behind your neck or overhead. Check out this blog...

Jan 31st, 2020
Sacroiliac Joint Pain: Another Type of Back Pain

Can't sit comfortably? Trouble getting up after bending forward to pick something up? Pain when rolling over in bed? If so, sacroiliitis may be causing your back and hip pain. Read on to learn more...

Jan 28th, 2020
Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow affects more than just tennis players.  Is your elbow sore, weak, or painful and not getting better? Read on to learn what you can do about it...

Jan 2nd, 2020
Opioid Dangers

This article explains why opioids may not be the best way to deal with pain. What is a better way to manage pain and regain function? Read on to learn more...

Dec 16th, 2019